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The Seven Gifts

Artist: Phyllis Addison
Title: Seven Gifts
Genre: New Age-Pop-Jazz-World
Website: http://www.phyllisaddison.com

If you happen to enjoy music with spiritual and musical depth featuring a varied assortment of genres and instruments, I have an album for your consideration. Seven Gifts serves a two-fold purpose, to get you in touch with your inner self through soothing and appealing melodies, and lyrics that are reflective and spiritual. Phyllis Addison gives you words and music that transcend much of the garbage that we are all subject to through the MTV and Top 40 radio mediums.

Not only is this cool music with a hip groove, those of you in tune with your inner self that practice Yoga or other relaxation techniques will find refuge in this CD. Addison does some chanting with repetitive lyrics to get you into her trance like beat…you really get that Om thing going on. Normally repetition annoys me; in this case, it comes across to you in seamless fashion. This approach allows you to absorb the meaning and the music all at once. Exotic instruments like the Digeridoo and the Bonsuri Flute, amongst others, are employed to create the necessary atmosphere. This creativity and knowledgeable use of instruments invents a world beat that goes in a jazz-pop-new age direction.

I noticed that the rhythm section is in complete synchronicity, which is key in demonstrating and delivering the command over you, the listener. I do not have the opportunity to hear music like this that often so it was a welcome and appreciated change. With music that has so much to offer, so many facets and moods, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for something different and want to relax, this music will set you up for your own personal nirvana.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

November 29, 2004


1. Baptism (3:22)
2. Mystery (4:18)
3. Ashes (3:55)
4. Om Sri Da (5:04)
5. The Seed (4:46)
6. Real Love (4:00)
7. Take My Mind (4:15)
8. Da Love (3:54)
9. Seven Gifts (4:53)

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