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Some of you have undoubtedly heard the term, (as applied to music) some haven't. I don't know if it's a regional term, I hear it mostly from entertainers, club patrons, etc. The first time I heard the term, I assumed the word was made up by the user (a guitar player from Orlando.) I later heard it used in casual conversation from some club patrons in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. >From what I gather, newstalgia music is a genre consisting of two types of music; 'updated covers' of fifties and sixties hits (versions that are not complete note-for-note recreations,) or new songs that capture the feel of the fifties and sixties. Many national artists have recorded newstalgia songs, often these songs were huge hits (Ronnie Milsap's signature song was 'Lost in the Fifties,' Billy Swans biggest hit 'I Can Help,' Pearl Jam recorded the 1961 J.Frank Wilson song'The Last Kiss.') Most of Linda Rondstat's monster hits of the 70s were newstalgia remakes, and country artists have always remade 'oldies music,' pand recorded new songs with an 'oldies feel,' (the Mavericks are great examples of this, and, along with the Stray Cats, are great examples of 'mostly newstalgia music' mainstream acts. National acts do not seem to bill themselves as newstalgia, although some are. I worked a New Years Eve show with Billy Joe Royal, and although he is considered an oldies act, his show (which was dynamite by the way, GO see him,) could very easily have been called newstalgia. His versions of his hits had a modern drive to them that only increased the feelings his great songs evoke. It's only recently that I have heard the term applied as a separate music genre, and bands have been promoting themselves as 'Newstalgia Acts.'. It was first applied to my music several months ago, and I must say...It fits.

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