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Winamp Music Players People love to listen to their music on their computers. You can listen to CD's on your CD drive or you can listen to mp3's stored onto your computer's hard drive. In order to listen to mp3's on your computer you need to have a computer mp3 player. One of the highest quality and well known computer mp3 player's is Winamp. Winamp has been around since the creation of mp3's. Winamp offers a great computer application that plays mp3's, CD's, Video and other media formats on your computer. Some Winamp players also rip CD's in order for you to store them on your computer so that you can listen to them whenever you want. If you are interested in Winamp, you can download Winamp for free. There is a paid version of the software that adds extra bells and whistles, but if you only want a basic version that plays music and video then the free version is great. The paid version is very inexpensive if you do want the extra features. Both versions of Winamp offer great looking skins that change the look and feel of the console. So if you love to listen to music and watch video and you are looking for a high quality player that offers tons of features check out Winamp.

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