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Music Review Title: "Set It Off " Artist: Harliquinny's and Bunker Crew Year: 1986 Label: Champion Records (London, England) Time for a histroy lesson. While I was shopping at Everybody's Records in Cincinnati, Ohio I came across a reprint of this song. I knew this record was digitally remastered so I brought it! This song at the time was a monster hit in the Cincy area clubs and on the radio mixshows. The beats at 110 beats per minuite (BPM) This song wasn't hardcore nor to fast. Just right to groove with your guy or girl or just groove by yourself. For DJ's This track is very easy to mix in and out of. This was a very very good crowd pleaser. Another version of " Set It Off " by a group called Streffe ( The Male Version). This is still being played in some clubs in this area. If you are into "old School" music check out these songs and send us your reply on what you think. Don't Hate On Music $habba Staff Writter- shabba Staff Writter- http://www.cincinnatiohioonline.com/blog "The Earth Has Music 4 Those Who Listen"- Alexander O'Neal

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