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What is iPod?

Apple Computer, Inc has invented IPOD. It is a MP3 music player which can store up to 15,000 songs or as many as 25,000 photos. It is portable in size and 6.5 ounces in weight. IPOD comes in four models. iPod Shuffle with 512 mb and 1gb memory. iPod mini with 4gb and 6 gb memory. iPod with 20 gb and 60 gb memory. iPod U2 with 20 gb memory. The features of an iPod are mind blowing. In such a tiny gadget we can store huge amount of music and pictures. A 2inch LCD screen also enhances the iPod. The screen can display more than 65 thousand vivid colors. IPOD uses Mac OS X or windows 2000/XP operating system. It has an album art and iTunes 4.9 for pictures and songs. The battery life of 15 hours ensures longer hours of continuous music. There is a port for USB2, and an optional FireWire cable. An alarm clock to keep track of time. We can connect iPod to TV.

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