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Making Piano Habits That Help

The ability to play well is founded upon habit and habit, in turn, is formed upon your daily work. Therefore, how necessary it is to see that pupils form only the best of habits. There are seven characteristics, or habits, of good practice that every student of music, at any age, should strictly observe: 1. Start Slowly. Practice slowly at first, gradually working up to the required tempo. 2. Keep Time Always. Pay the best of attention to keeping time, and from the very beginning try to play rhythmically. 3. Listen Constantly. Listen to every note played. 4. Keep Your Eyes on the Music. Form the habit of keeping your eyes on the music. Nothing is so distracting as seeing a pianist bobbing his head up and down like a duck in a mud puddle - the result of keeping his glance swinging between his music and the keys. 5. Concentrate. Never allow your attention to wander while playing; put behind every note played the most intelligent thought of which you are capable. 6. Master Every Step. Do not be satisfied to lay aside and piece that is to be memorized until you have thoroughly analyzed and comprehended its structure. 7. Demand Repose. Try to form the habit of relaxing when practicing. This in time will do much towards improving the style in which you play the piano. Good luck!

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