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The Piano Wizard Inside of Us

What are the requirements to become a good piano player, or a piano wizard? Many people say that you require the gift of talent, others say passion, desire, patience, etc. I myself believe that it is a combination of all those, but most importantly; practice, patience and love for music in general. This year the world celebrates the 250 anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a true genius and piano wizard. He had the talent, but mostly he had the love and respect for music, and decided to follow this path to let the world know of his feelings, which were expressed through his music and wonderful compositions. Definitely, this world would be better off if more people would engage in expressing feelings and love for each other through the art of well-composed music that enhances our spirits and reaches our souls, then having these feelings resonate and reach the rest of us. That is why, I believe more people should take advantage to learn to play the piano or any other instrument for that matter. There are ways that we could use technology so that time could be well spent by learning and acquiring new interests and talents, discovering the wizard inside ourselves. One such instrument is the piano learning software from Allegro Multimedia. This software video game combination, called the Piano Wizard is used with your home computer and comes with all the system drivers and options you need to get started playing the music that you enjoy and that you always wanted to play. One great thing about it is that you have the option of selecting from the 128 different music virtual instruments. If you already have a keyboard that has the MIDI interface, then you do need to buy another, unless you want to upgrade your system. This game comes with many MIDI files that you can upload to your computer and it is ready to play any of them by following the notations displayed on the screen. This video game will provide and excellent music, hand and ear coordination basics that will become a solid foundation for when you or your children are ready to take more serious classes with an individual teacher. Get involved and join the celebrations for this Mozart 250 anniversary in your area and let music appreciation become part of your daily lives. I suggest you visit Mozart's World to check some of the activities that are going on this year.

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