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Fear Of Failure

Was talking to a guy last week who speaks several languages. I asked him how he learned them all and he told me, "I'm not afraid to jump in and make mistakes."

Great answer. And it's a technique that works in the music business so well. The more you embrace failure, the better you'll do.

I work with a direct marketing guy who puts out stuff quickly, probably before it's ready, because he knows that getting it out "as is" is better than not getting it out at all. And the way something is when you release it this way, assuming you're willing to test and make improvements, is the worst it will ever be.

If you want to see something funny, take a look at some of the old reviews for my first book.

Here is part of one, which much to my frustration, always happens to be near the top.

You can read this entire book in just a few hours. Large type font in an already small book, lots of grammatical errors and missing words that weren't caught by a spell checker (no proof reading). It looks like this book was written in probably one weekend.

And it was true...at least for the first edition. After that, I went back and got a much better editor to take care of those things.

But regardless of that, the book was released, it sold well, and it helped a lot of people. That would never had happened had I gotten caught up on the little things and worried about negative reviews like this.
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