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Susaye Greene-The Brave New Shoes of Indie Music

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hollywood, CA--November 7, 2005--Susaye Greene's resume is to die for in the world of music. She has collaborated with the likes of Stevie Wonder and had the honor of being the last Supreme. Her new album Brave New Shoes is the epitome of artistic expression and the celebration of that freedom is never more apparent than on the new recording Brave New Shoes. Every groove is full of emotion and the street smarts of a NYC native. >From intelligible call and answer rap and covering the Led Zeppelin tune "Ocean," Susaye does a fine job traversing the musical spectrum on her ambitious new release. It does not take long to realize why the title of the album is such a good fit. This is an album full of surprises, some weird sounds, and above all good music-It is not your average record that makes it into the Top 40 or something you would hear coming from the Motown label. This music is all about being an independent artist and a woman in control of her own destiny. Surely, this sense of ownership for her craft will make her a trailblazer for many aspiring woman artists trying to find their way through the abyss of competition that all indie artists must see through before getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. When you look at her face, you see pride, strength, and above all a woman that knows where she is going and why. All of the visuals projected by her image translate right into her music. Brave New Shoes is a party in the streets of every city in the U.S. or in your own backyard, it really does not matter where you play it, it always sounds good. The music has no boundaries nor can you it put nicely into a box; it crosses over into multiple age groups with ease. Susaye Greene has a new album to share with all music lovers and in addition to that has recently updated her website http://www.supremextreme.com< /a> to include her music and jewelry including a special page for her artwork gallery at http://supremextreme.d eviantart.com. Stop by to visit her cyberspace home and explore the many talents of a wonderful woman artist. Susaye Greene c/o Dollface Music P.O. Box 370993 Reseda, California 91337-09 Email Website Representation: Saundra A. Newman, Manager Cellphone: 310-902-9254 Santel Entertainment Group E-mail PR Created and Distributed by MuzikReviews.com

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