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Are We Singing?

Spiraling rainbows shimmering on all peripheries; things take on a mystical hue when those certain vibratory frequecnies are reached. It is the music of life.

What note are we vibrating to? What pitch are we giving off? And how do we change pitch? Do we create our own rhythm or do we follow along with a rhythm that is beyond ourselves?

But is anything beyond us? Is the primal rhythm of the universe not the same rhythm that echoes in our bones? If so, we are part of the creation. Our pitch is part of the overall tone.

The vibratory pitches that feel good are those that we created as markers for us to follow towards our ideal frequency; the frequency that expresses our total being. We have written a symphony and every note is a bread crumb dropped to help us find our way home. As we feel and embrace each bread crumb we get closer to the wholeness of our being.

Can we embrace each note or frequency unconditionally? Can we surrender to the music flowing through us? Can we live the music flowing through us? Can we dance to the music without judging it? Can we let it flow through our bodies unimpeded? Is it flowing out of your fingertips and out of your mouth and out of your feet?

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