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Lucius "Loopy Luke" Releases Breakthrough Electronic CD The Five Ages of Humanity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE London, England--Jan 9, 2006--Luke Harrison, known as Lucius "Loopy Luke" in the world of electronic downbeat music, has a innovative new CD out titled The Five Ages of Humanity. The title is very prolific and the music, sound loops, and voice tracks you will hear tie in with the title in a most definitive way. While Lucius has made a name for himself in the U.K., the time could not be better to breakthrough in the U.S. With the release of The Five Ages of Humanity, this becomes more of a reality with each passing day. Lucius says, "I really believe that quality infectious sounds reach into us and provokes the most humane parts of our distinction. When I find something really good and special the first thing I want to do is share it with those ready to listen." This motif and vital form of expressionism through music and sound has endeared him to people seeking something different for entertainment, a sound that is on the cutting edge of today's mindset. He has come a long way from being a DJ and his destiny awaits him with a new audience primed and ready for discovery. You will find many things to relate to on The Five Ages of Humanity, John F. Kennedy giving a speech, voice tracks from science fiction movies, and much more. This comes at you in between rhythmic and pulsating beats and ambient keyboard excursions. Electronic music is no different than other genres, it has to prove it itself over and over again and artists like Lucius do just that with a high level of ingenuity and creativity manipulating sounds, instruments and voices to create a beautiful and consistently exciting soundtrack to life. His time is right around the corner and soon you will be hearing the music of Lucius in not only your hottest nightspots but also pouring out from car speakers, music stores, and home stereos. Its not music for just anyone it is for everyone. Call it music for today or the new millennium, whatever fits for you, the bottom line is that this chill out groove is something you not will be able to resist. Contact: Lucius AKA Loopy Luke 46 Pershore Road Popley Basingstoke, Ha RG24 9BQ England Tel: +44(0)1256422517 Cell: +44 9(0)7816195979 Website Email PR Created and Distributed By MuzikReviews.com For Stretch The Skies

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