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The magic of the music

I see things this way and I don't want everyone to agree on. I just want to make everyone, who read this think about it even for a moment.
Everybody on that Earth listen to some kind of music so often that they even can tell you exactly. But I was able to see that almost every person finds something negative in it- if not in the lyrics then in the performer or the group.

But I started this because I wanted you to think a little. Tell me did you listen to some music today, or will you tomorrow? Yes, of course. And the melody made you cry, it will make you smile, I am sure that it will also make you feel many emotions hidden deep inside you, it will allow you to be free even for a moment. But I am also sure that you know that because you have experienced it yourself, haven't you? Well, let me remind you. What about your first real love - don't you associate it with the most beautiful love song you have ever heard. You can connect it with your best friend, with a difficult period in your life or a pleasant one. So I can just tell you that the song has its soul and of course has its magic. You may think it is unbelievable! Only children believe in magic but what would you say if I told you I also believe in it. Yes, why not? I see the real life everyday - and everyday it is the same but I can run away from it, I can join one more beautiful place using the melody. Because it gives me wings and I am able to fly with them, able to go wherever I want to. And do you really want to spoil this so splendid feeling? Do you want to trust somebody’s word that the singer you love best is stupid and that’s why you do not listen to her any more? Isn't this stupid? You risk your happiness; you lose all these emotions just to show somebody is right when he is wrong! But I know, I just know that you are not stupid. So, please don't forget that the music has soul, that if you run from its unbelievable good magic you will remain in the same world, with the same people, looking at the same tree and smoking the last cigarette. If you ask me - I can't live without music, no matter of the style, no matter of the age. It is enchanting...so deep, so simple. And it is also possible you may not like a certain style of music but I will ask you for a favour - please don't make the person in front of you hate it too. Because he has a chance to do otherwise and you are able to take it from it without even knowing, without even feeling that he may be hurt of your words.

All I wanted to say was said and I hope many people will see it and I will be really glad if I was able to let the magic of the melody in your heart, to make you believe it exists even for a second. It is important to me - important to know that people are happy with what they have and they appreciate every minute spend looking through the window, dreaming about something and listening blues, reaching its soul…

About the Author

I think words I`ve written can say something more important for me than all the facts together will ever be able to.

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