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Exposing New Hip Hop Music Through Mixtapes

Hip Hop Mixtapes are an excellent source of exposure for many up and coming artists. in some cases they can make the difference between super-stardom and obscurity. Good Mixtapes have the ability to shift the scale towards the artist's favor. Most veteran Hip Hop music and Reggae music artists understand this concept and utilize mixtapes as a valuable tool in their promotional campaign efforts. They many times use mixtapes to strengthen the promotion of their own new music albums and singles.

The mixtapes help promote Hip Hop Artists and their music by offering an early sampling of new music either in its original format or sometimes in a special DJ remix format. Often times the song is mixed into and out of quickly only offering a sample of the entire song so as to still encourage patrons to get the full song. In this way Mixtape enthusiasts can get a good taste of new music without the Artist suffering lost revenue and album sales. This creates hype for these new songs and albums, almost like a movie trailer does for movies.

Thus the mixtape format helps boost song and artist recognition and actually helps boost artist sales and concert sales, especially in parts of the country that would otherwise be missed by the limitations of their advertising campaign.

Mixtapes are also a great promotional tool for the DJs who make them, allowing nightclub owners, record executives and concert promoters to get a quick feel for the talents, mixing skills, scratching skills, music selection, and energy that the DJ may bring to an event. In a way mixtapes serve as part of a portfolio or skills set-resume for the DJ who distributes the mixtapes.

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