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A REALLY COOL INDEPENDENT MUSIC WEB SITE Today there is a massive market in the Mp3 and music world, now with the edition of podcasting and faster broadband we can see what the internet has install for us in the future, as it happens we already have the ability to watch film clips on line download them onto your ipod and watch them with headphones, basically this is setting the trend for a mobile orientated society.

With this in mind, one might ask with all this at our finger tips where do we go to get good content? There is a small web site that is doing it's best to supply people with a great selection of independent music which in most cases would otherwise be impossible to obtain, it has a few film clips from bands that submitted them but above all it excels in it's visual representation of the artists with a wonderful simplistic design that has been described as if Rolling Stone Magazine had sex with iTunes this would be it's love child.

The most wonderful thing about Soundfoundation apart from it's design and images is that it deals directly with the artists, making sure they too are happy having their music available on the site. If an artists supplies an album cover, images or a photo it is graphically put together by the designers at Soundfoundation, and all you have to do is look at a few of the album displays on the site to see this is done with the utmost professionalism.

Soundfoundation also has an AnR department which makes sure all the music available on the site is of a professional quality this way customers can feel happy that they don't have to flick their way through hundreds of tracks to find one they like.

Another great thing about music downloads is that there is no manufacturing! no petrol chemicals to deal with, postage and most of all you cant scratch a download. Soundfoundation currently has several scratch proof compilation albums available that are supporting non-profit and charitable organisations. The list below are links to each one so you can see the kind of effort the artists and web site are putting in to making this world a better place.

Sri Lanka Sound Support - Click Here On December 26th 2004 the devastating tsunami hit this peaceful beach and village. Along with so many other places, in eleven countries the tragedy struck hard and struck home. On Talalla Beach people lost their lives. About twenty houses were ... Refugee Action Collective - Click Here Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) was established in mid 2000. Even from this time our inspiration came from detainees themselves who were ...

The main point to this article is to point to the fact that their is a great little music web site that will grow to support artists of every kind to promote and sell their music online, and it can do that better with the support of the people by buying their music and telling friends about where they can get great music. Remember each track is worth AUD.20 less than a cup of coffee, and the music you will have forever, that's one of the reasons that music swapping is so harmful to artists because they get nothing of something that costs so little

So Please feel free to visit Soundfoundation, buy a track if you like and above all tell your friends where to get their hands on some great music, and if you are feeling really supportive you can always put a link on your web site

To Visit Soundfoundation - Click Here Thanks for taking the time to read this article. by Lawrence Eastland Email contact@soundfoundat ion.com.au

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