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JavaMusiK Announces Foray Into Wedding Ceremony and Reception Market

For Immediate Release: Take a look around. Weddings are everywhere. Every weekend finds couples 'tying the knot' with a ring, ceremony, reception and honeymoon. JavaMusiK musician Jeff Van Devender has played piano for many ceremonies and receptions over the last 20 years, but has never made his presence on the wedding scene official. Officially tossing his hat into the ring, Van Devender wishes it to be known that he is available throughout the state of Colorado as a bona fide wedding ceremony and reception musician. He is also available throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois during mid-summer. "Usually, I have played for friends and family at these occasions," he states. But recently, after being listed at several area churches as a musician on call for weddings, Van Devender has become well known as a very reliable and quality musician by 'word of mouth' for these types of events throughout Colorado. It is not uncommon for Van Devender to be found playing in Aspen, Beaver Creek, Snowmass, Estes Park, Vail and other favorite Colorado mountain settings for these types of services. "Weddings are very personal events," Van Devender adds. "Music is such a major element for any wedding, large or small, that choices should never be made lightly. I always encourage clients to take their time and choose their music carefully." Van Devender does understand, however, that music is not always necessarily on the forefront of everyone's mind and is invariably prepared with music ready for such instances. As a music educator, resort hotel, restaurant and church pianist throughout the last decade, Van Devender has become well versed in many styles of music for just about any setting. "It pays to be flexible," he adds. It also pays to be portable. Not every venue comes equipped with a grand piano. Such cases demand a player with access to not only talent and a deep catalogue, but also the equipment to fit the venue. "This is not a problem for us," Van Devender boasts. "As long as there is a power source, I can provide the music." Van Devender primarily plays piano for weddings. He has, in the past, played the occasional guitar, but would never claim that to be his forte. If singing is needed, he can also include that in the package. More information regarding Jeff Van Devender, JavaMusiK and JMK Ceremony Music can be found at www.JavaMusiK.com. Samples of Van Devender's original music are available for download at iTunes - http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?arti stId=6416459 Cd's of his original music can be purchased online at www.cdbaby.com/javamusik Scott Jeffries - JavaNews, 2005

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