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Taj Weekes & Adowa

Artist: Taj Weekes & Adowa
Title: Hope & Doubt
Genre: Reggae-Rock-World
Label: Alpha Pocket Records-http://www.alphapocket.com
Website: http://tajandadowa.com

In the past, I have shied away from covering Reggae music because it all seemed to sound the same to me, realistically that could apply to any style of music after a while though. I have to thank Taj Weekes for opening my mind to his wonderful music. Yes, there is that familiar stylistic backbeat on many tracks; however, I heard many different genres of music come bubbling to the surface on Hope & Doubt.

World music comes to the forefront of this recording with the use of a multitude of instruments. Sax, flute, trumpet, various percussive instruments, and amazing bass playing courtesy of Rads Desiree, are all part of the equation on the 10 tracks offered on this disc.

Weekes has the perfect set of pipes for Reggae, his tone and approach is well suited for the style of music. His lyrics do not take a back seat to the music either. On “Lonesome In Babylon” he sings-Said I long for dreary souls who slip away/distraught with tomorrow destroy today/said I long for dreary souls who seek a way. Weekes sounds sad yet he offers hope in the face of doubt. Just as the title suggest there are two sides to every story, the yin and yang and positive and negative, it all adds up to the realities of life we deal with daily, nothing is black and white when it comes to individuality.

Although his message has a serious tone, the music makes it a little lighter and more palatable and it gives you a feeling when the CD is over that yes indeed, there is hope left in a troubled world, all we need is compassion, love and music to help the change come about. A little magical Reggae never hurts either.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

May 10, 2005

01.Lonesome In Babylon (3:02)
02. Scream Out Mellow (3:31)
03. Jagged (5:41)
04. Sad (4:14)
05. Cold (3:39)
06. MPLA (4:21)
07. Blue (4:15)
08. Crash (3:03)
09. Mysterious (3:55)
10. Life (7:15)
11. Hidden Track



Taj Weeks: lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar, percussion
Rads Desiree: bass
Shelton Garner: lead and acoustic guitar
Conrad Seraphin: drums, percussion
Ari Matsumoto: guitar
Bunny Cunningham: keyboards, acoustic piano
Jacques Schwartz Bart:: tenor and alto sax, flute
Antonio Dangerfield: trumpet, flugle horn

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