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The G-Man Infiltrates the Advertising Industry!

The G-Man Infiltrates the Advertising Industry! Recording artist The G-Man is not a government agent. His songs are on iTunes and his commercials "are in your home and in your car," says Scott G, who writes and produces award-winning radio spots for ad agencies and clients. His world used to involve nightclubs full of wildly dancing people, but today Scott G (The G-Man) is interacting with the advertising industry. "Instead of dealing with people coming up to me with ecstasy in their pockets, now I'm working with ad agency executives, copywriters, and people who use words like 'demographics,' 'psychographics,' and 'Unique Selling Proposition,'" G says. "Of course, who knows what they have in their pockets?" But wait -- Scott G has been in the ad business since graduating from college, so is he really a musician embedded in the ad world, or is he an ad man who snuck into the recording industry? "Okay, it's both," G says with a grin. Either way, he's proud to announce the official opening of G-Man Music & Radical Radio (GMM&RR). "We're creating songs, sonics, music tracks and radio spots," G said. G-Man Music will serve ad agencies, production companies, corporate and retail clients, game developers, and producers of film and TV soundtracks. As an ad man, Scott G has worked for an impressive list of clients, everyone from Albertson's to Zenith. Recently, he was the voiceover artist and the music composer on 4 Verizon Wireless radio commercials. As a recording artist, The G-Man is on Delvian Records, with three albums in physical distribution via AEC, Galaxy, and Goldenrod, as well as digital distribution via Apple's iTunes. Samples of The G-Man music are at www.apple.com/itunes and www.myspace.com/thegman. Samples of GMM&RR commercial work are at www.gmanmusic.com. "I like being in both advertising and music," G says. "In each case, we're trying to touch people emotionally. Although," he adds, "you can get more sensual on an album track than in a commercial for PayLess Shoes." CONTACT: Brian Forest or Scott G by e-mail at: immedia@pacbell.net or phone: 818-223-8486. On the Web at: www.gmanmusic.com. # # # Photo of The G-Man with flame-shaped guitar is available in 300 or 72 dpi.

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