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Marketing Lessons From A Las Vegas Hooker

If my story about on Marketing Lessons from a Las Vegas Strip Club, made you blush, you should stop reading now.

Last week, during my Music Business Brainstorm in Las Vegas, a couple of my clients decided on a few room service options which the hotel catering department didn't provide, if you know what I mean. And while the subject will be titalating to some, there are some good marketing lessons at play.

This one guy I want to talk about in particular called a service after seeing an ad in one of the entertainment guides. Within an hour, his "date" arrived.

The first thing she did, according to him, was to discuss prices. 00 for everything.

When that wasn't an option, she gave him the option to get a dance for 0...and than got him for all he was worth with an "upsell," which was about 0.

Lesson One... People buy based on emotion. After sampling the service, he wanted more, and was able to justify the price.

And she did one more thing which I thought was great... She called him back a couple of days later! He didn't take her up on the offer, but I'm sure there are people that do.

Lesson Two... It is easier to sell an existing customer than it is a new one.

This lady probably makes thousands of dollars each year with a few simply followup calls. And you can do the same thing!

About the author:
David Hooper is the founder of Kathode Ray Music, an artist development organization specializing in promotion and marketing of independent musicians and bands. Visit http://WWW.CAREERS-IN-MUSIC.COM/for more tips and hints for musicians, bands, and songwriters.

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