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The Joys and Magic of Music

What is the one single existing thing today that can bring people, regardless of race, creed, gender or religion together as one? Just recently, for the first time in history, a Zulu Rock concert was performed before a mixed, sell out crowd in South Africa. Music is known to transcend bounds that politics can't even get close to. How important is music in our lives? What control do we have over the one thing that seems to invade our lives wherever we go, regardless of our economic status in life? Music was first born because of primitive man's need to communicate with a higher being than himself. This was accomplished first by hand-clapping, foot-stomping or simply swaying their bodies to and fro, by shouting, grunting, shreiking and crying. We still look upon music as one of the most satisfying ways to express our emotions and feelsing. The whole story of music from pre-historic times to the present day is a record of human feeling expressed in rhythm and melody. In addition to worshipping, man began to use music to hunt, and to cure the sick. No major event occurred, be it a birth, betrothal, marriage or death without the occasion being marked with musical ceremonies. >From the time of a baby's conception, it begins to absorb sound. It's mothers heartbeat for example, conversations and daily sounds. Some of our earliest memories are of the songs learned as children. Many of these were about historical events, Silent Night, Holy Night takes us back many years in time. Music was used to educate long before formal schools existed. Primitive children learned about their ancestors thru songs and tribal chants. In music their ancient mores and religions were preserved. Tribal chieftains and medicine men eventually were replaced by professional teachers who instructed the young. As a source of entertainment, which is the prime function nowadays, music serves us as nothing else can. When we are tired, weary or discouraged, it can sooth, relax, make one feel refreshed and renewed. It can furnish us with imaginary excursions to places that we cannot get to physically. Doctors have long realized the therapeutic value of music for the mind. Dr. Emmet Dent, for many superintendant of Manhattan State Hospital, said, "Music is responsible for cures among the insane, and improvements of patients seemingly in a hopeless condition are a little short of marvelous". Unfortunately, when we are forced to listen to someone else's music, it is no longer a pleasurable experience. This is an invasion of our rights. Businesses now use it to lure us inside of their establishment, attempting to make us feel comfortable with people that we know nothing about. Doctors use it to keep us from getting impatient while waiting. In modern factories and offices, music is used to minimize boredom and fatigue. It is "scientifically" controlled to fit the mood of the day and the nature of work. We have become so accustomed to living with music that many of us feel psychologically insecure when we are left to ourselves, with our own thoughts. To what effect is the music that is heard so prominently today? It is known that soft music calms while loud blaring music excites and stimulates the senses. Undoubtedly the music heard throughout our daily lives influence our actions. Hence, we hear of riots at rock concerts. On the other hand, picture a mother rocking a baby to sleep with a lullabye. Music is an important, vital force in our lives. The additional leisure which machines have brought us has increased our boredom, as most os us are ill-prepared to entertain ourselves. But in our search for entertainment, let us take care that we do not spend a large portion of our day hearing songs about the anxiety and problems of the world as being reflected in the eratic character of the popular songs and harsh, biting music. http://www.a1-natural-health-and-beauty.com/Music.html

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