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Hip hop record labels are the companies that sponsor and produce the music that you love to hear. Hip hop is one of the hottest types of music on the market today and that is due at least in part to the advertisement and promotion of these artists by their hip hop record labels. So, we can thank them for bringing the artists we love to the forefront in music, but that is not all that they do. In fact, the hip hop record labels play a large part in the production of the music itself. In hip hop music, the producer or the hip hop record label is responsible for much more. In fact, they often are responsible for composing the music along with arranging it. They often times create what is called an instrumental track or the beat of the music. Then, artists will often work with them to finish the recordings making them their own in their own way. But, there are still those hip hop record labels featuring producers who do it in the traditional way of supervising a team of musicians. One example of this is Dr. Dre. Such hip hop record labels often have been founded by huge names within the music genre. For example, Dr. Dre's record label that includes 50 Cent is one of the largest and most popular. Look for Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment to feature some of the best that is out there in hip hop. 50 Cent is also working under the record label of Eminem called Shady Records. Another famous hip hop record label is Death Row Records and No Limit Records. Both have been brought to light by some of the hottest names in hip hop including Snoop Dogg. Hip hop record labels offer you the ability to find new music as well as to listen to the old. It is through their promotions and advertisements that stars like these come to light. If you want to learn more about the various hip hop record labels and who they have signed lately, check out the web where you will likely find all the information that you need.

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