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Legal MP3 Downloading
2005 legal stress is more upon downloading music from the net. risk can be made to surfers who will not use legal download share software.

As you know downloading music today is involves at great risk, you can get fine by your goverment by use of ilegal donwnload mp3 software from net. this is violation of copyright and if you sucssed doing so do you know how much damage it can cause your computer? I have heard very shocking things from my best friend on the fines you can get for download mp3 music, movies, games..

WWW.EBEY.ORG has collected for you the top brand names of the 100% legal download mp3 music, dvd, games, softwares. If everyone started downloading legal music instead of violating copyright with the file sharing programs, we would make short work of the RIAA.The RIAA would also have no cause to complain - these music downloads do not infringe copyright because the artists give you permission to download them. Especially when you want full-length recordings. How I miss ebey.org when it was much easier to find!

Now, RIAA and NARAS, as well as most of the music industry, are arguing that free downloads hurt sales. (More than hurt - they're saying it's destroying the industry.) "Analysts report that just one of the many peer-to-peer systems in operation is responsible for over 1.8 billion unauthorized downloads per month". (Hilary B. Rosen letter to the Honorable Rick Boucher, Congressman, February 28, 2002)

Realistically, why do most people download music? To hear new music, or records that have been deleted and are no longer available for purchase. Just avoid downloading music from all kinds of free software who will cause you trouble!

2005 brings you 100% legal software with unlimited free downloads of mp3, for one year subscription at very low cost. Stay legal and enjoy music!

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