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The future of music on the internet

With the state of the music business becoming more and more stale, consumers are looking to the internet to satisfy their craving for new and innovative music. A record label located in Wichita Falls has started a revolution on the internet with music that is daring and groundbreaking. Wichita Falls Records has released albums such as Merseybeat, the Savage Sprague Brothers, and now its newest release Cavern. The recording artist Frank Lee Sprague is well known the world over for his loved recordings of the best in rock'n'roll. Playboy magazine called his band a "great lost west Texas rock band." Now he has turned his innovative approach to business. With the launching of his new label Wichita Falls Records Frank has created marketing strategies that have been blazing the internet resulting in sales and promotion in staggering numbers. Not content to do things the old fashioned way, Sprague keeps creating in music as well as business. As a sign of recognition of Frank's genius El Toro Records in Spain recently aligned itself with Frank's label and released a multi-volume CD of the Sprague Brothers music. This is a sign of things to come concerning Sprague's music as other companies worldwide are eager to join in the new music revolution. Many cooperative ventures are on the horizon and there are DVD's in the queue for release as the label is growing at a staggering rate. The future of music is secure at 'tomorrow's music company' and with the internet becoming more and more of a force in the industry Wichita Falls Records and Frank Lee Sprague forge ahead!

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