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Subscription MP3 Services Today there are many choices for downloading music. Obviously, many are illegal and can get you sued. However, in the last couple of years the internet has slowly changed from illegal music distribution to legal distribution. There are currently two choices available to purchase your music content. You can either buy a song outright and have all the rights and privileges as if you purchased the song in a record store, or you can purchase a monthly subscription which allows you to download many songs for one low prices. Sites such as iTunes allow you to purchase one song on an album usually for less than . The songs purchased from this site are encrypted so your not able to share them online with your buddies, but you can transfer them from your computer to an iPOD and other devices. While this service is extremely popular, many customers would like much more variety of music on their mp3 players. It would take you almost ten grand to fill up your iPOD paying $.99 per song. Another important breakthrough in downloading music is from big name sites such as Yahoo, and Napster, you can purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to download and listen to millions of songs per month. You are actually paying for a monthly license, so if you cancel the subscription your media files will not be able to play. However, a few bucks of month for a catalogue of millions of songs is extremely popular with many consumers especially if all the music is high quality and downloads are 100% legal. So if you are looking for ways to download and listen to more music check out subscription MP3 services.

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