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Wal-Mart music downloads site is one of the easiest services available. Every song on the Wal-mart music downloads site has the same “Always Low Price” of .88 cents. This easy to use site offers new releases, top songs, and classic favorites all priced the same. Album pricing varies depending on the number of songs available for download. In almost all cases, buying an album will be less expensive than buying the individual songs that make up an album. Before I go on any further, sorry Mac users this program is only available for PC’s and Windows operating systems. OK, back to the good stuff….. Each title has a 30 second clip so that you can preview the song (just to make sure it’s the right one). It also comes with a free song storage program that helps you list your new songs in playlists ready for listening or burning to CD. Bottom line….just as their ad says .88 cents Every Song. Every Day. There is no monthly subscription fee with Wal-mart music downloads or any other additional charges. You pay for only the price of the songs or albums you want and (of course) any applicable sales tax, with no other fees. And it’s all legal, licensed, and free of viruses. A great program especially if you are a diehard Wal-mart fan. Oh, I almost forgot… they also offer a Wal-mart Music Downloads Gift Card. Perfect for those special people who love music, but you really don’t know what they like. You can purchase any amount between and ,500.(guaranteed they won’t return this gift).

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