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Who else wants to burn CDs off the internet for free?

Itís all over the news. Every few months the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA sues a couple hundred people because they wanted to burn CDs off the internet for free. You thought about it and you donít want to be one of them. Maybe itís your conscience, your sense of ethics or your lack of a legal representative --youíre middle class and canít afford a lawyer right now.

Regardless of the reason, you donít have to become a criminal to burn CDs off the internet for free.

Free samples from legitimate retailers
One of the best ways to get free music is to sign up for legitimate music websites and get some free samples. Many of the big online retailers such as Amazon.com, Napster (theyíre legit now), and Launch Music Radio offer free music downloads sanctioned by the artist themselves and their record labels. You wonít have access to millions of songs, but itís the most ethical and economical way to burn CDs off the internet.

Sign up to a few cool music sites, get free mp3's samples, save them on your computer and burn them on your CD and still be on the right side of the law.

Flat fee for unlimited downloads
Another ways to get free music online is to sign for the many sites that offer unlimited downloads for a flat fee. Pay a flat monthly or annual fee and you get access to millions of songs, movies and other types of media. The monthly fees can range from to per month. Imagine the amount music that you download without any copyright restrictions. After the first 30 to 50 downloads, anything after that is basically free.

Join a Music Club
Thereís also the old standby, Music Clubs. Columbia House still offers free CDs to new members, plus there are many more opportunities to earn free songs and CDs as you purchase more music. Also, theyíre cheap. You can sign up directly from their website and have your free music in a couple of days.

By working within the guidelines, you also encourage emerging artists to offer more of their products for free to online enthusiasts.

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