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fishthemusic.com (Bigfish Network Inc.) starts Brand-new artist promotion service "Artist's explosio

Brand-new artist promotion service "Artist's explosion in Japan" by fishthemusic.com (Bigfish Network Inc.) What fishthemusic.com does; 1. We play your song on our web-radio "music-islands.com." http://www.music-islands.com/ Now web-radio "music-islands.com" has approx.3,000 unique users a month, and more than 300 visitors a day, with over 50,000 pageviews (Oct. 2005). It's increasing day by day. To play your music on our web-radio, is to easily recognize your music to Japanese music fans. 2. Set your own page up in Japanese, at our "music-islands.com" blog, that includes your basic info (Genres, location etc.), plus your self-description (your catch-copy or/and strong points) on it, It also includes one mp3 sound file. So it is submitted into Japanese podcast portal websites. Our blog sends ping to Japanese several other portal blog sites at every update. Of course, we link back to "your original website", "your myspace URL", "your Apple iTunes Music Store page" and "where to buy CD". It means, our visitors are able to easily jump into your music, whenever they love you!! 3. If you give us an additional approve for Pod-safe usage, we provide your song to other Japanese Podcasters and let your music make more exposure in Japan,.. We also put your song at 2 other Japanese social networking services (SNS). One is "recommuni.jp" ... music SNS, it has 10,000 members. (Oct. 2005) We post your mp3 sound file for free download to Japanese music fans there. It's on for a month. It's one of the most effective cyber promotions in Japan. http://www.recommuni.jp/ The other is "jammy.jp". This is also new music SNS that launches on January 2006 and is expected to have 20,000 members until April 2006. We also set up the web-radio station on it and play your song. "jammy.jp" is managed by Japanese famous music publishing company "Hipland Music Corporation". It will invite many Japanese music business people; labels, promoters, producers...etc. So those who have be interested in your music, can easily visit your website and contact you directly. http://www.jammy.jp/ And more, In 2006, we are going to invite 1 artist, at least, to Japan, and set up a few stages for show case gigs, somewhere in popular nightclubs in Tokyo or so. It will be our first experience and really challenging for us, though,,, Details are not fixed now. We may have a contest at our website for it, anyway...... What you do for it; Give us a non-exclusive license for everything we have described above. Email me your Basic information, and one mp3 file (128-192k) with our application form below. We don't need CD anymore. Pay Set-up fee through our secure online form. 3,000 Japanese Yen will be charged (about .00 US dollars) for setting your song in our online radio, and 2 other music SNS that we describe above. As soon as everything has prepared, we will set up your page and play your song,2 other SNS community websites as well. We'll be glad to promote you and hope our promotion actually works well for you here in Japan. ARIGATO.

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