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Four Cost-effective Options For Your Wedding Music

So you’re getting married. There are the flowers, the smiles and attention from your loved ones, the gifts, the food and the beautiful venue. But what about the music? A beautiful wedding will not be memorable without the songs that have, let’s say, defined your wonderful romance together, and that have set you on the groove.

Hiring a professional show band to play for your on your wedding is definitely one way to go if you want to have good music. It may be costly because, first off, there’s the electricity you have to pay for. Second, because there are more than two persons playing, you have to pay a lot. Just tell them to play more soothing, slow music at first and then play faster music later on so your guests could have fun. But if you can’t afford that, there are other ways you can have wonderful music on your wedding without having to pay so much.

1. Search for amateur bands in your area. There are definitely more of them playing in your local clubs, and they are more than willing to play for you because that means more exposure for them. Plus, they are easier to contact since they’re not as busy as professional ones.

2. Hire music students in a nearby university. They study and play music everyday, why not use their talents? They will be eager to put their skills to practical use.

3. Have talented friends or family members sing and play for you. In this option you might not even have to pay. Instead of giving you a gift, having them play music for you is already good service.

4. Hire an amateur DJ instead of a professional one. Professional DJs charge more than amateur ones, so choose the latter instead.

So, if you want to have great music for your memorable day, choose these costs–effective options above, or come up with your own. The idea is to be more creative and you’ll definitely have a grand wedding without paying for more.

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