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Getting More From Books

Books are great, but most people use them the wrong way. The real value in the information within a book comes when you do something with it.

I recommend approaching books by going through them one chapter at a time...and possibly even one sub-chapter or idea at a time. Instead of just reading through everything, when you see an item that you can put into action, stop and write it down.

So let's say you're reading a book like Music Business Success and the section is all about how you can built rapport when meeting people... Instead of just reading through it, or even highlighting it, take out your pen and note pad and actually write the action down.

Each section you read will probably have several action items you can take, so make a list like, "How to Build Rapport When Meeting Somebody" and start listing everything that you can do. The next time you have a meeting or need to make a phone call, you'll be able to pull out that list and go through steps you can take to make everything go smoothly.

Then, when you get to the section on "How to Sell More CDs from the Stage," write down action items to do that. And the next time you're playing a gig, you'll have steps to follow which will allow you to sell more merchandise from the back of the room.

You get the idea...

What you don't want to happen is that you'll finish the book simply knowing more stuff. Knowing things is fine, but it's when knowledge meets action that things really start to happen. And if I had to have one of the other, I'd take action every time.

There are plenty of intelligent musicians who know what they should do, but don't do it...and where do you think those people are? Working dayjobs, living with their parents, and doing things other than making music for a living.

Successful musicians take action.

Books to check out:

Music Business Success: Better Networking Skills and Creativity for Musicians and Songwriters

CD Release Party Strategies: How to Have a Major Label Event on a Shoestring Budget

How I Make 0,000/year in the Music Business (Without a Record Label, Manager, or Booking Agent)

And if you really want to get into writing things down and see how far it will take you, try Music Business Goal Planner (52 Weeks to the Record Deal, Publishing Contract, and Income You Want).
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David Hooper is the founder of Kathode Ray Music, an artist development organization specializing in promotion and marketing of independent musicians and bands. Visit http://WWW.MUSIC-INDUSTRY-NEWS.COM for more tips and hints for musicians, bands, and songwriters.

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