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Guitar Tips: Develope Your Own Style

Who Do You See In The Mirror?

‘Every mans work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself’ – Samuel Butler.

This is why you must write your own music and develop your own style. Because it is the only way to show people who you truly are. By playing other peoples music you are nothing more than a clone riding on the coast tails of someone else.

By doing the same thing the same way you will always get the same result... Only by changing something along the way, even a tiny change will effect and change the result.

Have a look at your surroundings right now and think about want they say about you. Are you happy and 100% satisfied with your life outside of music? If you are then that’s fantastic. If not try and change one small thing and see how that impacts on your guitar playing. You may come up with some new ideas for your songs.

Try and get some inspiration from non-musical sources – try and recreate the sounds of traffic or take a trip to the zoo and listen to the sounds the animals make and try and reproduce them on your guitar.

These are the little things that can make a big difference to your playing. Think outside the square and become unique. When you look in a mirror you don’t expect to see someone else staring back at you do you?

About the Author: John Stockwell is the author of the acclaimed Mind Over Music For Guitar ( http://www.greatguitargiveaway.com/mindovermusic.html ) and also Real Guitar For Real Guitarists ( http://www.greatguitargiveaway.com/realguitarcourse.html ). He has been a musician for 21 years. His website is http://www.greatguitargiveaway.com

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