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Generations of Change

Ed Miller is back with a new CD, and I have to say it is brilliant. Ed is my absolute favorite Scottish folk revivalist. He brings together traditional folk songs while keeping the fire burning for the contemporary Scottish songwriters from Andy M. Stewart to Adam McNaughtan.

This is the fifth CD of Ed Miller's, but it does something extra special. Ed originally released two cassettes that are no longer available. So he has recorded many of those great songs from those early albums and added them to this CD. Not having those cassettes, I've had trouble figuring which ones were there.

This CD has many gems. I'd say my biggest disappointment is that it's too short. It Only has fifteen songs and over fifty minutes of music. I'm sorry to say, Ed, call me greedy, but I love your music. I want more!

The trouble is trying to figure out which is the best. I love "Tak a Dram," "A Bottle of the Best," Yellow on the Broom," "Crooked Jack." He also does a moving version of Burns' "A Man's A Man." But I guess my absolutely favorite is the first track, "Ferry Me Over." Ed truly captures the absolute beauty of Stewart's song and makes it shine with lovely backing vocals by Cathy Ryan. The song just fills me with peace and joy.

All in all, Ed Miller's albums get better all the time, and Generations of Change should be in the CD player of every Scottish and Celtic folk music lover. So what are you waiting for?

Bard Marc Gunn is a Celtic & Folk musician singer/songwriter for the Brobdingnagian Bards. Marc has helped hundreds of Celtic music groups due to the popularity of his weekly publication, the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, and he is dedicated to helping increase public awareness of Celtic music and culture. Subscribe to one of his newsletters for free gifts, including: MP3s, CDs, eBooks, and more at http://www.celticmp3s.com/

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