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Top 5 tips for the use of relaxation music

Music is charged with emotion. Not only was the music itself written with great passion and probably played in the same manner but it also invokes a great many emotional responses. Music can help us remember people, places or emotions. Some of these memories may be good and some may be bad. Music can even stir up memories that we had otherwise forgotten about. This emotional response is a very strong one and by using it to good effect we can change the way we feel about certain situations. Relaxation music is readily available and comes in many different forms. Hypnosis tapes (or CDs or MP3) are also available that can help meditation. 1- Listening to relaxing music can aid relaxation greatly. Find a darkened room and light some small candles or burn some incense oil if you find this relaxing. Make sure your relaxation music is turned to a volume that drowns out any background noise but is not so loud that it becomes obtrusive or uncomfortable. 2- Even at work or at home with your family you can effectively listen to relaxation music. If you have an MP3 player or personal stereo you can even listen to it on the bus or when you're out shopping. Put on your headphones and, again, make sure that the volume is at the right level. If you have the volume too low you will be able to hear the kids screaming and cars passing by but if you have it too loud it will become uncomfortable. 3- Use any opportunity you can to relax using relaxation music. If you regularly workout then put your headphones on while you're at the gym or out jogging. Listen to it while you are driving to and from work, try to forget about the day that is about to face you or the day you have just had but be careful not to be too relaxed while driving. 4- You don't have to listen to music that is designed specifically as relaxation music. If you like calm classical music then this is fine to use. Obviously heavy rock is unlikely to calm you down but conversely the relaxation music you use should be composed in a way that makes it easy to listen to and moderately upbeat. It shouldn't just be background music; it should also catch your attention and the focus of your mind. 5- Relaxation is not something that comes naturally to many of us. Stresses of modern life mean that we regularly finish work and go home to worry about it for the rest of the day. This causes a lack of sleep and other problems. These are unlikely to be undone by listening to five minutes of relaxation music every three months. Relaxation music works best when listened to for a minimum of 30 minutes but if you do listen regularly then five minutes during your break at work will still have a calming effect.

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